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Tungee's Gold

The Legend of Ebo Landing

Tungee Cahill deposits gold in San Francisco bank and becomes target for assassination. Shanghaied and put on board a ship bound for Liverpool. The ship is rife with plots from mutiny to piracy. Tungee joins the skipper and they crush the mutiny.

They round Cape Horn and make their way up East Coast of South America to St. Katherine's Island. At St. Kat the scurrilous ship owner issues new orders, and sends the ship to West Africa for another slave run. In West Africa 350 Africans are herded on board. Back at sea a British and American warship give chase. The skipper elects to dodge into a heavy storm where winds and rain batter the ship, but they manage to survive.

After the storm some slaves are allowed to stay on deck. Tungee observes the Africans doing various rituals and incantations. Is it voodoo or witchcraft? Nobody knows, and by the time they find out, it's too late. A tribal king called Kumi had inspired scores of his people, to make the ultimate sacrifice for freedom. Tungee returns to San Francisco and begins his quest to reclaim his fortune. During his search Tungee meets the lovely Laura Du Beck and romance blossoms.

​​​​​TUNGEE'S GOLD The Legend of Ebo's landing By Tom Barnes
"I found this book to be an interesting story from beginning to end. Tom Barnes has a great way of telling a story, so that you can imagine each scene as it unfolds, always wondering what is going to happen next. A solid five stars, way to go Tom. I would love to see it made into a movie, or at least a sequel so we can find out if Tungee Cahill gets him self into any more trouble."

Patricia L. Foltz


Tungee’s Gold is a remarkable historical fiction that cannot be replicated
"Tungee’s Gold is a remarkable historical fiction that cannot be replicated. The reason being is because Tom Barnes is an exceptional novelist with a one of the kind style. The book is historically accurate, and a pleasurable read. The intricate details makes this narrative a master piece with a twist at the end. Tungee Cahill is unique protagonist. The story’s time period starts during the California Gold Rush. Tungee finds his fortune but it is short lived. He stops off at a local restaurant before returning to his hotel. There Tungee finds out about a group called The Ducks. This group proves to be problematic for San Francisco. Tungee will later learn more about this group. During this Era, ships were short on men. They needed more men. Thus, this led to what happens next. In the restaurant, he become a victim of the San Francisco Shanghai tunnels. Tungee soon learns what it means to be a slave. You will be urged to read on about Tungee’s difficult experience. This book shows the ruthless side of slavery and exploitation. Another lesson from Tungee’s gold is how greed controls a person, and provokes them to harm others. I recommend this book for a mature audience, with a fascination of history and its implications."

Mary Nguyen


Tungee's Gold Is A Good Read
"Tungee's Gold, The Legend of Ebo Landing is an exciting story with a twist for an ending. As I read it I began to wonder if the story was true so I "Googled" the words "legend of Ebo landing" and several sites came up, including Glynn County, Georgia where Ebo Landing is located. The thought that the story may have really happened makes it all that much more compelling.

Tom Barnes does a great job of using description to set up his storylines. His smooth conversations lend to a more believable text. Just as his first book, Doc Holliday's Road To Tombstone was a novel based on real facts, Tungee's Gold is a historically accurate novel.

Barnes' stories are timeless but teach us about certain periods in history. I really enjoyed this book. It gives you the other side of slavery. The dialog with the slave king gives the reader an understanding of what it was like to be one of the African slaves being brought to America on a slave boat. I highly recommend the book."

R. Rains


"For those of you who like the taste of powder, fire and smoke with their stories and enjoy the company of men who have little or no control over their own fate, come join the half-breed, Tungee as he is shanghaied off the Barbary Coast and sail with him and his mates;Captain Foster, the Black Moses, King Kumi; the slave trader, Jeff Turner, the Crimp and the Aussie Duck Man, Alf Talbot on the 1851 slave ship, MFC for a rousing adventure of blood and violence. Tom Barnes is a master story teller."

Duke Howard, 


"With Tungee's Gold, I found myself eagerly reading, because it is such a compelling adventure – the kind of thing I remember from reading Zane Gray as a young man. You've got excellent character, a broad sweep of action – from gold fields to the high seas – and you've told the tale well by keeping the story in focus..."

Terry Kay

Author of 'To Dance with the White Dog.'

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