The Goring Collection
"The book, "The Goring Collection," by Tom Barnes is well-researched and fast-paced with a series of interesting events, building up to a very exciting climax. It made me, a former graduate student in history, to think about how and why the Nazis established a system of stealing valuable art pieces from innocent Jewish victims, under the pretext of "confiscating the illegal artifacts from the so-called criminals." It kept me reading without stopping."

Michiko "History Lover" 


Shell the Originals as Copies
"Some readers may have forgotten or never knew that Hermann Goring, Hitler's ruthless second in command, was in charge of looting and hiding thousands of museum paintings created by some of Europe's most famous artists and some whose work would become more valuable during proceeding decades. They have become known as The Goring Collection. Hundreds of these paintings are still missing today.

Tom Barnes has written a well researched, exciting story initiated by a stolen painting. Jacob Meyers saw his father's Pissarro among the paintings at The Old World Auction House in Manhattan. When he starts asking questions, the painting disappears. Since Mayers owns an intelligence agency, he immediately alerts Interpol . Two paintings, a Manet and a Cezanne sold as copies by an international cartel in Berlin show up at the Berghoff Gallery in Chicago. Mayers's agency investigates this con game of the cartel from a mansion in the state of Georgia across the country to a notorious odds maker in Las Vegas. The action and excitement of the story are propelled by the characters in the agency who are tracking the stolen paintings. Their intriguing personalities and working relationships make you hope the author writes a sequel to allow them to solve more international mysteries."

Lenora G. Smalley


The Goring Collection
This is a well-researched and crafted mystery which will appeal to any art lover or fan of quality stories. The author goes into great detail to tell the story of how several famous paintings disappeared after World War II. The work of undercover detectives finally solves the mystery, but not without some dramatic twists and turns in the story which will keep the reader trying to guess the outcome.

R. Rains

The Goring Collection

Jacob Meyers is stunned to see his father's Pissarro-taken by the Nazis in 1945-among the paintings up for sale at The Old World Auction House in Manhattan. He questions the manager, and while he reads a phony provenance, the Pissarro is withdrawn from sale and mysteriously disappears. Jacob, head of an intelligence group, alerts Interpol and joins their ongoing investigation into the underground world of stolen art. Two suspect paintings, a Manet and a Cézanne sold by an international cartel in Berlin as copies, are tracked to the Berghoff Gallery in Chicago where they are auctioned off as originals.

An accidental shooting at the gallery exposes the cartel's con game and leads to the blackmail of a Las Vegas odds maker, the murder of a San Francisco politician, and the assassination of a former matinee idol in West Virginia. With the help the Founders Group Intelligence (FGI), a group of patriotic activists whose primary objective is to preserve the Constitution, protect U.S. Sovereignty, and expose political corruption, Jacob doggedly pursues the trail of clues from an estate in Georgia to a castle in Denmark to recover the priceless pieces before the originals become lost among the forgeries.

]r, writer and hurricane hunter

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