Doc Holliday's Road To Tombstone

Can't put it down once you start! Excellent writing by a champion
"Tom Barnes is a champion in his field with his use of words and descriptions that guide his readers from the very first page. His first hand stories bring topics to light as well as the many experiences that make up Doc Holliday's Road to Tombstone. Readers will discover legends, history and page turning excitement. His mastery of dialogue puts you right there in the setting and moment. Tom Barnes delivers a reader friendly book that will be re-read countless times and shared with others to gain insight and delight. Doc Holliday would be proud of the road this author has created and brought to his readers!"

Ms. Gail Small
Fulbright Memorial Scholar
Author,International Motivational Speaker, People to People Ambassador


Terrific read
"This was a great book, very well written, interesting, informative and a fast reading, some surprising facts come to light; didn't want to put it down and enjoyed it very much."

 D. L. Weaver


Terrific book you will want to read it more then once
"Doc Holliday's Road To Tombstone is a page turner from beginning to end. From growing up in Griffin, becomming a Dentist his romance with Matti and his affair with the Firey Kate to the very interesting courtroom scene after the shooting. Terrific book you will want to read it more then once."

MAC, Los Angeles, CA


Doc Holliday Book--A great read!
"I was doing some research on Doc Holliday when I came across author Tom Barnes' blog. After reading that I got his book, Doc Holliday's Road to Tombstone. This book is a lot of fun. It brings back many facts I remembered from history classes but weaves them into a fascinating story. I have always had an interest in the Wild West and have read other books about the subject. The difference in this book and others is that Tom Barnes gives you the story of Doc Holliday from Holliday's point of view. It lets you see the human side of the famous gun slinger. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading."

 R. Rains 


Well researched and entrancing tale

"Tom Barnes truly captures the real-life story behind this historical legend. Follow Doc Holliday from his childhood, to his eventual and unlikely friendship with Wyatt Earp, and of course the famous gunfight at the OK corral. This book is rich with descriptive detail of Griffin, Georgia, his place of birth, his close relationship with his mother and the attitudes that fueled his hot temper and led him to a life of practiced dentistry, gambling, gun fights and saloon altercations. Definitely a must read for old west buffs."

Venita Louise 


Doc Holliday's Downward Spiral
"Who would have thought the legend of Doc Holliday could be connected in any way to Margaret Mitchell's Gone With The Wind. When Doc Holliday went west after he discovered he had tuberculosis, which caused the death of his mother, he left behind a sweetheart who thought he would return after his cure in the warm, dry climate of the west. During his incredible research for the life of Doc Holliday the author, Tom Barnes discovered that this sweetheart, besides being a cousin of Doc Holliday was a distant cousin of Margaret( Peggy) Mitchell. This beautiful, girl, Mattie Holliday, wrote letters to Doc for several years and then after his death became a nun in the order of Sisters of Mercy. Margaret Mitchell used to visit her in the decade before Gone With The Wind was published. If you read the letters which appear in Doc Holliday's Road To Tombstone, you will know almost immediately which of the main characters of GWTW was inspired by Mattie Holliday. 

John Henry Holliday was born in Griffin, Georgia and as a young boy moved with his family to Valdosta, Georgia just before the end of the Civil War. In 1872, John Henry was graduated with honors from the Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery. Thus when he went west he became known as "Doc" Holliday. Starting his career as a dentist in Texas, Doc soon learned he could make a better living as a gambler.

The author, Tom Barnes, uses his talent and skill in scriptwriting to portray the downward spiral of John Henry Holliday, He brings to life Doc Holliday's escapades which involved outlaws as well as famous law officers like Wyatt Earp. Those interested in the O K Corral may be more fascinated by the trial which took place afterwards. This book is a great reference for that whole period of the Old West."

Lenora Smalley
California Writers Club
Director at Large

The storybook romance between John Henry and Mattie is cut short by disease and family strife. The young dentist is forced to abandon Mattie for a life in the West. Using his gambling skills and caustic wit, Doc Holliday plays the hand life had dealt him. His courage and loyalty are tested when he stands with the Earps, in the shootout, at the OK Corral.

​​​"Doc Holliday's road to Tombstone is splendid. And it has the best telling of the gunfight at the OK Corral that I've ever read. I wish I had written it."

     Martin Meyers

        Author of the Patrick Hardy

        mysteries. Co-Author of the

        Dutchman Series.

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