]r, writer and hurricane hunter

I was born in Ft. Myers, Fl. and brought up in central Georgia where I got hooked on Civil War stories. I wrote those stories into my war journal and got my first taste for writing. At age 17 I joined the Navy, earned my Aircrew Wings and spent a season with the Hurricane Hunters.

Following my hitch in the Navy I returned to school, studied English literature at Middle Georgia College and drama at the Pasadena Playhouse in California. I did dozens of plays ranging from Our Town and Uncle Vanya to My Three Angels and the Tender Trap.

I then moved to New York for off Broadway, summer stock and worked with Bert Lahr in Harvey, Vera Miles in the Country Girl and June Lockhart in Forty Carats. PBS hired me to do the TV series "Georgia's Heritage" as writer and host, narrator. During our last segment of Heritage I had my first brush with the legendary Doc Holliday.

Most of my writing has a touch of history, even my blogs where I write stories about everything from Algonquin Round Table and the characters that gathered there for lunch during the 1920's, to the growth of the movie industry and horse racing's Triple Crown. I also have a blog going back to my season with the hurricane Hunters.